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You may notice that from May 2012 many UK websites that you visit will start communicating to you about cookies. You can learn more about what cookies are used below and find a list of the specific ones we use on

This new enhanced information initiative is part of a new Best Practice measure recommended by the European Union to help raise your awareness of what cookies are and remind you how to manage cookie settings if you so wish.

But don't worry, we haven't changed anything about our site, so if you have always been happy with your experience with us, there is no need to do anything, you can carry on using our site as you have been!

So what are cookies?

A cookie is the name for a text file which contains small amounts of information which are downloaded to your device (computer, tablet, mobile etc) when you visit a website.

Cookies do lots of different jobs, like letting you place orders online, navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences and generally improve your experience on the website.  They can also help to ensure that adverts you see online are more relevant to you and your interests, i.e by showing you reminders of what you viewed on a site but did not buy.  You can find more information on cookie types here ›

You can manage your cookie settings at any time through your browser - ie Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome etc. If you connect to the internet through a variety of devices - perhaps a home computer, smart phone and tablet you may have to adjust your settings on each device.


Don't worry

We haven’t changed anything about our site, so if you are happy with how it works then just keep on using it as you have been. If you ever want to adjust your settings, you can revisit this page and follow the links to manage your settings.  The cookies we use on never collect anything that personally identifies you, such as your name or address and we never sell your details to any third parties.

The cookies we use (which may sometimes include ones created by specialist third parties) tend to work primarily from identifying the IP address of the device you connected to the internet on and this number is then used to distinguish one visitor from the next. From this we aggregate the information and analyse it for key behaviours, trends, or to learn if there are errors occurring on our site that we were unaware of.

This IP number can relate to your general geographical location - ie the country you are in, and may disclose what device you connected to the internet via - ie PC, Mobile or Tablet. This is so the most suitable version of the website can be displayed for your device.


Summary of different cookie purposes:

  1. Strictly Necessary Cookies:

    Without these cookies, you would not be able to use our website to place orders. For example, our essential cookies allow the site to remember what items you added to your basket, and keep them saved when you move to the checkout and start to purchase your order.

  2. Performance Cookies:

    These types are used by us in order to enable us to collect and analyze visitor behaviour that helps us recognise patterns and trends, spot areas we could improve (like if a page breaks) and generally helps us improve our website to give you the best possible experience. If you interact with one of our digital ads, or come via an affiliate partner of ours, the cookies will help us understand that these third party referrals took place. Our affiliates are funded by earning a small commission from their referrals who go on to purchase with us, and sometimes these partners pass this back to you as points, so although these cookies are not essential, if you block them, you stop getting your loyalty points.

  3. Functionality Cookies:

    These enable certain non-transactional functions or features of the website to work correctly for you - such as providing the My Account zones, our Ratings & Review services, Social Media Sharing and Like buttons, or offering you the Address Finder tool at the Checkout. It’s important to note that when interacting with our Social elements such as Tweet This, or Facebook Like buttons, the visibility of your actions and how public they are, will depend on the settings you have in place on your separate social media account.

  4. Targeting or Behavioural Cookies:

    These are particular cookies used to try and tailor personalised advertising to you after you leave a site. We run these ads occasionally, and they will typically show you reminders of a few items you seemed interested while on our site. They should reduce in frequency over a week or two, but if you want to opt out, you can manage this at any time by visiting this website for more info:
    You will also be able to opt out of this kind of advertising by other brands at the same time.


Keeping safe with social media:

If you interact with us via Reviews or FAQ features, the username you enter will be displayed publicly on our site. For this reason, you may prefer to enter a nickname if you do not want your real name to be published.

We have also recently launched Social Media accounts such as our Facebook page and Twitter accounts, if you have accounts with either of these, you will be able to interact with us. However, your profile or account name could become visible to the other people who have also Liked or Followed us. This will depend on the privacy settings you have selected with those providers. This is also true if you use the Share Me, Like or other Social Icons on our product pages. If you post a comment on our Blog, your email address will not be shown, however the name you enter will be. Therefore you may prefer to enter just a first name, initial or nickname into the Name field.


Managing your cookie settings:

You can review and manage your cookie settings at any time via your browser. However, if you block or opt out of all our cookies, you are likely to find that our website becomes very difficult to use.

On our site, we feel the first 3 types of cookie are really necessary to give you the best on-site experience with us. The information we collect is anonymous and always aimed at enhancing your on-site experience, so we hope you will continue to be happy for us to use these during your visits. Unless you have chosen to block or edit your cookie settings, we will determine that we have your consent to allow us to use them.

We have produced a table detailing our cookies, so that if you did want to opt out of say the behavioural advertising cookies, you can easily find and block just those.

For instructions on how to manage your cookie settings, please visit:

For instructions on how to opt out of Behavioural Advertising Cookies, please visit:


Table of cookies:

Name Domain Expires 1st / 3rd Party Who/What
TradeIT Persistent - 30 Days 1st Remember Session cookie - Remember basket contents and optionally retains user login status.
ASP.NET_SessionId Session 1st "ASP.Net Session Cookie - Browser Session cookie required for accessing the online service to ensure authentication and smooth operation of website. Expires at end of Browser session (when browser is closed)"
cookie-policy Persistent 1st Stops redisplay of the cookie policy popup once accepted
WT_FPC Persistent 3rd Microsoft - Ajax content delivery network - Provides scripts for site use
WT_NVR Persistent 3rd
Google- We use an analytics package provided by Google to understand visitor behaviour, spot faults with our site and try to improve the overall service we provide for you
__utma Persistent 3rd Google Analytics – stores number of times a user visits, the time of the first visit, the previous visit, and the current visit
__utmb Persistent 3rd Google Analytics – used to check approximately how long you stay on a site: when a visit starts and approximately when the visit ends
__utmc Session 3rd Google Analytics – used to check approximately how long you stay on a site: when a visit starts, and approximately ends
__utmz Persistent 3rd Google Analytics – stores where a visitor came from, the search engine used, the keyword entered, the link clicked on, and where in the world they are when they access the site
We currently work with Affiliate Window and a selection of their recommended affiliate partners for affiliate marketing purposes
aw2367 Persistent - 30 days 3rd Affiliate Window Network - Affiliate tracking: Stores an id for the referring website, an id for the ad on which you clicked, an id for the group of ads to which the ad belongs, the time you clicked, any reference the referring site adds to the click, an id for the type of ad (ie. banner ad, text link) an id for the product .
Silverpop is the service we use to send our newsletters, so if you have subscribed, the following cookies may apply.
com.silverpop.iMAWebCookie Persistent 3rd SilverPop - When you subscribe, this stores your user preference to register for newsletters and accept Silverpop cookies.
com.silverpop.IMA.session Persistent 3rd Silverpop - Association and grouping of Events by Session
com.silverpop.iMA.page_visit./ Session 3rd SilverPop - Data Page name - Scoring Rule Condition: Visited a Page
We currently use a third party for occassional Behavioural / Targeting advertising campaigns
uid up to 13 months 3rd The cookies keep the information of which pages you viewed, and in certain cases which products you bought. This data is anonymous and exclusively meant for statistical treatment. There is absolutely no way for Criteo to personally identify the visitor. Our advertisements do not combine information about you from multiple sources. We do not take any user information from a retailer that they may have stored about you (name, address, etc). We do not share any data with any site that displays our advertising. For more information see:
udi up to 13 months 3rd
udc up to 13 months 3rd
uic up to 13 months 3rd
tst up to 13 months 3rd
dis up to 13 months 3rd
tag up to 13 months 3rd
evt up to 13 months 3rd
This table is subject to change. Last modified September 2015.